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USPC Manual Bundle


Get a discount! Buy all three of the United States Pony Clubs Manuals of Horsemanship at once! 

Volume I, Second Edition, 323 pages, with photos and line drawings, is designed “to accommodate children’s attraction to, fascination with and affection for horses as it introduces them to ever increasing levels of knowledge.” Heralded as “the best beginning riding book ever published,” this volume is suitable for very young riders and adults who are beginners or wanting to go back to basics.

 Volume 2, Second Edition 356 pages,This manual teaches you not only how to care for and manage you horse, but also the skills needed for conditioning and preparing your horse and yourself for competitions and special events. Features new and revised coverage of land conservation and horse health and safety, better organization for ease of reference, updates of critical developments in riding, instruction and competition, and an in-depth revision of nutrition and veterinary topics.
Volume 3, Second Edition, 625 pages. This third volume covers material required at the H-B, B, H-A and A levels. In the same style as the first two manuals, this manual aids in the completion of the Pony Club member’s education. It also covers guidance issues useful to District Commissioners. The materials will guide the reader into advanced horsemanship and when combined with its predecessors, round out a solid body of knowledge.